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D49 Schoonoord

Type: Passage grave
Size: 12.1 x 4.7 m
Town: Schoonoord
Location: Ellertsveldbos

Latitude N: 52.820025
Longitude E: 6.773959
Orientation: 61° (90° = E-W)

Folk-name: Papeloze Kerk

First reported 1818 J. Abrahamy; 1819 N. Westendorp in Grafheuvels

D49, commonly called the Papeloze Kerk (popeless church), has been reconstructed to partially show the mound that would have originally covered the hunebedden. Its name supposedly refers to its role in the 16th century as a place for Protestants to worship away from Catholic authorities - but may also hark back to its importance as a pre-Christian place of worship. D49's restoration had a steep price: the pillaging of the now-disappeared hunebed D33 for its stones. Folk legend says the place is inhabited by the spirit of the giant who built the large hunebed D50 at Noord-Sleen, suggesting prehistoric connections.

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