• Hunebed D15 at Loon, NL
  • Hunebed D15 at Loon, NL
  • Torralba d'en Sallort, Minorca, ES
  • Stonehenge, EN
  • Stonehenge, EN
  • Alignments at Carnac, Brittany, FR
  • Menhir at Carnac, Brittany, FR
  • D19/20 at Drouwen, NL
  • D17/18 at Rolde, NL
  • D14 at Eexterhalte, NL
  • D6 at Tynaarlo, NL
  • Gross Berssen VII, DE
  • D49 (Papeloze Kerk) at Schoonoord, NL
  • D26 at Drouwenerveld, NL
  • Ipeka, DE
  • Torre Llisa Vell, Minorca, ES
  • Talati de Dalt, Minorca, ES
  • D43 at Schimmeres, Emmen, NL
  • D21/22 at Bronneger, NL
  • D36/37 at Valthe, NL
  • Konigsgrab at Gross Berssen, DE
  • D19/20 at Drouwen, NL

The Old Stones
of Europe

Highlights from the Megalith slideshows, covering the hunebedden ('giants' beds') and Grosssteingraben ('great stone graves') of the Netherlands and Germany to the stone circles of England, the colossal alignments of Brittany and the taulas and talayots of Minorca and Majorca.

Each region is covered in detail in the individual slideshows.

Megalith Slideshows: