Map of the Netherlands Showing Drenthe and the Megaliths

The map shows Drenthe in relation to its neighbouring provinces, and the hunebed groupings along the Hondsrug
and in the nearby Emsland region of Germany to which they are closely related.

Drenthe in the Netherlands Map Hunebed Map
The Drenthe Hunebedden
in their larger context

The Dutch hunebedden in Drenthe are the westernmost point in a chain of closely related monuments that stretches into Germany, through Denmark, and into Sweden. The full picture remains sketchy, but it appears most likely that Sweden - also the scene of many pre-neolithic rock sites - is the origin, and influence spread south and west. However, other influences may also suggest a more complex picture, since much neolithic technology shows a pattern of spreading from the south and southeast.

The hunebedden are very closely related to the grosssteingraben in nearby Emsland, across the German border. Construction and layout are very similar, and the grave goods found in them - tools, decorated pottery and other remains - belong to the same Funnel Beaker (Trechterbeker) culture.