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D27 Borger

Type: Passage grave with kerbstone enclosure
Size: 22.6 x 4.1 m
Town: Borger
Location: Hunebedstraat

Latitude N: 52.930198
Longitude E: 6.79744
Orientation: 76° (90° = E-W)

Folk-name: Het Groote Hunebed

First reported 1685 Titia Brongersma

D27 is known as the Great Hunebed, and is the largest single hunebed in the Netherlands. The Groningen poetess Titia Brongersma conducted the first serious hunebed excavation here in 1685, finding a wealth of pottery, tools and other artifacts. Since the hunebedden have been sealed in recent decades to prevent looting, extensive scanning is now being used to investigate this important site further. The two remaining ringstones are speculative; traces of the rest were still visible in 1835, but have since been carried off.