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D22 Bronneger

Type: Gallery grave?
Size: 4.5 x 3 m
Town: Bronneger
Location: Zuid-es

Latitude N: 52.944342
Longitude E: 6.800843
Orientation: 114° (90° = E-W)

First reported 1711 Ludolph Smids Schatkamer der Nederlandsse Oudheiden

Most of D22 is hidden below the two visible stones nestled by an old tree trunk not far from its larger companion, D21, in a grove of trees on the edge of the Zuid-es outside Bronneger. It is one of the group of five hunebedden formed by the twins D21 and D22 and the triplets D23, 24 and 25, which lie in the nearby bush - likely part of a larger complex most of which is now lost.

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