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D18 Rolde

Type: Gallery grave
Size: 12.6 x 3.5 m
Town: Rolde
Location: St. Jacobskerk

Latitude N: 52.989525
Longitude E: 6.649174
Orientation: 75° (90° = E-W)

Folk-name: Duvel's Kot (with D17)

First reported 1547 Antonius Schonhovius Batavus

D18 is the smaller twin to D17, in a grove of trees separated from the nearby St. Jacobskerk by the old church cemetery. In 1847 the two hunebedden, together with surrounding bush and farmland, were actually put up for sale. The ensuing uproar finally led to legal protection of the hunebedden, and eventually their purchase by the government (with only one remaining exception, D44). Traces of other hunebedden have been found under the church, indicating it was part of a larger complex in prehistoric times.

Same group: D17