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D14 Eexterhalte

Type: Passage grave with kerbstone enclosure
Size: 18 x 4.5 m
Town: Eexterhalte
Location: Eexterhalte

Latitude N: 53.001756
Longitude E: 6.7305
Orientation: 84° (90° = E-W)

First reported 1756 J. van Lier Oudheidkundige Brieven

A large and impressive hunebed, D14 lies in a grove of trees at Eexterhalte off the Eext-Gieten road. It bears the scars of the frequent destruction of hunebedden for church, road and dike construction, still visible in the series of bore-holes once drilled to try to split some of the great boulders apart. Folk legend describes a stone-tossing match between the giants of Gieten and Rolde; each couldn't throw quite far enough to reach the other village, and so the hunebedden (D14 here, and D17 and 18 in Rolde) ended up just outside each settlement.

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