This website is an exhibition space for my photos, and some of the themes and interests that inspire them. They include documentary projects like the Megaliths series, landscapes, visual themes and random images.
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Recent Exhibits

Vincent Van Gogh -
L'uomo e la terra, Milan

Some of my photos of the Dutch landscape formed an introduction for visitors to an exhibit of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings at the Palazzo Reale in Milan, Italy (2014 through Spring 2015).


I'm mainly interested in natural and unnatural forms and textures, the effects of time, and in how various qualities of light, shadow and reflection can give things an entirely different context and meaning. I'm also intrigued by the spirit and atmosphere of places I've visited, especially the megaliths and old stone sites of Europe.

To reinforce thematic relationships and sequences, most photos are arranged in slideshows under the Photography menu. Others are displayed on the Prints pages. The Megaliths slideshows appear under their own menu heading, along with a highlights slideshow.

Art Prints & Digital Image Rights

Individual photos can be purchased as archival quality prints, or as digital image rights. See the Prints pages and/or inquire for details.

Megalith, Ruin, Memory

The old stone monuments of Europe have tugged at the popular imagination since ancient times, when they were long thought to be the mysterious work of primeval giants. Modern archaeology paints a more sober picture of their origins, but their haunting magic endures.
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Map of the Dutch Hunebedden

The Hunebed Map is a gateway to photos, details and location maps for each of the 54 megalithic monuments (known locally as hunebedden) in the Netherlands.

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